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Getting Back in The Fitness Game

So you are getting back in the game? For many a "contest" or "challenge" doesn't always work right? The timing isn't right. Something didn't add up. Some of you like the community groups on Facebook. Some of you use these little messages from me as prompts and will reply with a question or comment (I love that!)

For those in the Venus summer challenge the final submission is next Monday. For those in the monthly 1st Phorm challenges they will probably announce winners tomorrow since it's the 1st of the month.

For now, let's cover getting back in the game. The most important elements are Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, Supplements. Keep it simple. The dosing for each one of those elements is highly individual. It depend on the stress in your life. The more stress you have, the more each of these needs to be dosed differently. Each one is a different balance for each person, from zero to the max.

Today we'll just focus on Nutrition and Exercise (lifting).


Everyone thinks they are alone with this problem. Trust me you are NOT ALONE. You are human. We all have the stress and hunger hormones, not just you!

Message from Princess: (I left all typos intact) "im 30, have a difficult carrier, business, family. My biggest problem is that i eat when im stressed or upset. Im 273 today. need to get to 160 or so. age16 i was weighing 265. from then on i was on multiple diets, &dropped weight down to 218 and once again to 209. but would spiral right I'm the heaviest that ive ever been& i need to get this beast under control.Im getting too old to yo yo diet& I'm trying this one more diet once more wish me luck! i really need it."

Me: Hi Princess, You can do this. We pretty much all eat when we are stressed or upset. Our body produces cortisol during that time which drives up your hunger hormone ghrelin. I know it feels like you are alone, but pretty much that is happening to everyone and there is too much high calorie food available everywhere we turn. That is why our society is like that. Step by step you can do this too but you will need to focus on lean protein and veggies, and just enough carbs/fat/fiber/nutrients and only have the sugary treats and higher fat foods a little when you can calorie budget them in. It needs to be a lifestyle not a diet. Give yourself time to learn.

Your calorie maintenance number. Write it down. It's what matters for life. It is a constant (give or take some daily and seasonal ebbs and flows.) Maintenance is what your body needs to stay the same and never lose. Anything over that is how you gain weight. So some days you might eat under, and other days over. If it's too much over that is how we gain. And even though it seems like we don't eat at or over every day, we go over some days and that is why we never lose.

So the trick is to stay at maintenance, but also have most days during the week UNDER maintenance to lose fat. If done consistently this is like paying off a debt. It happens slowly over time, just like paying off a mortgage debt. It is the consistent payments that pay it off.

What matters is the calories at the end of the day in the 24 hour period, extend that out 7 days, 30, 60, and 90 days for results.

It's always good to eat up to maintenance at least one day a week to help keep hormones stable. It's not "cheating" to eat normal.

It only has to be a few hundred under your maintenance to lose body fat.

That's it. It's that simple.

And of course if you need your maintenance number it's available for you. It should not be a secret.


I focus on lifting today because it will give you the best benefit without increasing your stress and hunger hormones so much. It helps rebuild and strengthen your bones which you need to ward off osteoporosis.

How much should you lift? Helpful hints below, but for ME it freakin does not matter how much weight! I stopped caring years ago. I sort of hate it when people ask how much they are. I pick up whatever weight is good for the day and how I feel. For me it's sort of free flowing. I've been lifting for over 30 years and I've been maintaining for most of that, not really getting stronger, just mostly the same. Anyway, especially hate having other women feeling intimidated, I probably hate that the most. What I can do is actually nothing special, I'm just doing what I trained my body to do.

HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU LIFT? It kind of depends on your goals. If you want to get stronger - lift enough that you NEED the break in between sets. You should be pushing so hard it's all you can do to still keep good form and eek out those last couple of reps. Those last couple of reps - THAT's where the real magic happens with building. If you are skipping out on that you won't take it to the next level of strength.

Oh and don't worry about getting BIG! What makes us look big is body fat over the muscle, not the muscle. Body fat plus muscle is what gives the bulky look. We females don't have the hormones to get super big.

There are a variety of fun ways to build strength, pyramids and drop sets are probably the best types of sets for building once you've set up your base of consistently doing 10 rep sets for awhile and are not getting sore anymore. And for those 10-12 rep sets - you better NEED the rest or you were not pushing big enough weights!

If you need more help or have other questions feel free to message me.

This video was probably a couple months ago, obviously with my hernia I can't do that at the moment, or I probably could but it would be stupid. What, do you think I'm stupid!!???? Anyone remember that movie, a bugs life or something like that? 🐜🐜🐜

That is probably enough to take in for one day. We all learn this in little bites every day.

Venus Challenge Details:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Email me when you submit your final pictures! If you don't, well I have hundreds of entries in my database and I am merely human like you...

Venus Challenge Mission: To change your body, lose fat or gain muscle or both.

Show it in before and after pictures.

Support and encourage each other in the group.

DATES: Venus Summer 2017: May 15 to August 7 I need your before pictures submitted on or before August 7th AND you also must email me letting me know the name used on the TransPhormation site. There are hundreds of entries and only a few of you will finish, so EMAIL ME so I can go get your pictures. Make sure to include your age, height, starting and ending weight, and for measurements at least your waist circumference starting and ending. Front/side/back wearing whatever you want, but it must SHOW a change. Lose and baggy clothing won't show the changes.

Hold a newspaper or the DAY CARD on the site.

Write your Age, Height, Weight, Size, Waist and anything else you want to say in a text editor. Then copy and paste it under the pictures in the caption on the site.

Join and Participate in the FB Venus Factor Workout Accountability Group. Even if you don't have the Venus Workout you are welcome.

Feel free to forward this article to any friend who wants to join the Fall 2017 Challenge:

Next up will be Venus Fall 2017: August 28 to November 20

All the FB groups are:

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