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We wait patiently for our destiny

Patience. We wait. We bide our time. Working diligently even with our faults. Own it and move on. No one is perfect. Just own it and move on. 💚💙💜💛

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a movie, wait, I was in a movie! haha, and I had to get permission all the way up the chain at the Sheriff's dept for the TV film crew to do some of the little bits I used in this little clip I made.

You know what? No one cares about that. What do they care about? How do I make THEM feel when I talk to them? Do I look them in the eye and LISTEN to what they have to say? Or when they email me do I really read what they wrote? Do I care about their struggles? Do I ask how they are?

I know I'm busy and I don't have time to check up on everyone, but if they email me I email them back.

I can't take on a "project" and make them do what they need to do to succeed.

But I am here.

But still, the memory of having to go up the food chain at the Sheriff's office so they could film me on patrol and on the range, that was a fun accomplishment. Not everyone will applaud your accomplishments. Some won't like it at all. Some will tell you it was no big deal and you are nothing special. And for the most part, nobody cares (except maybe a few very close to you). You have to do what you do with the passion in your own heart without needing approval.

The waiting game is long and hard.

Like Jenia said in the Nibbles group this morning, No it never ends. I had the worst day ever yesterday for so many reasons. You are a strong woman Jenia and you got this. I always have to remind myself that it's not actually the end of the world even though it feels like it is. Left foot, right foot, that's how we do it. 💔💚💔💚💔

The kitty (Randy named him Creamy) and Randy woke me up at midnight from a deep sleep I desperately needed to rescue him way up in a tree. Then I used the adrenaline to finish a homework assignment due and replied to Robin with a loopy message I could barely type and finally dropped off to sleep.

Today is a new day. Left foot, right foot .....

Morning (this picture was from winter but the kitty and the view are the same!) No kitty, it's mine! Haha, you can't have. What will the pre-workout do for you? Well, if you are not a morning person or are not motivated to really do some work today it gives you that little boost to help you GET IT DONE! Many people need that. It's the work that gets you the results, this helps you get the work done! If you want RESULTS, this helps you get that. Who doesn't want results?

The #AlphaSurgeDRV gives you an amazing pump, it helps get the water, oxygen, and nutrients into your blood. I like the AlphaSurge because I can take it late at night and there are no stimulants. I also take this with MegaWatt.

The #MegaWattV2 has an amazing blend of ingredients to help with mental focus when you workout. It's pretty potent so if you don't want so much of the tingling excitement sip it slowly during your workout and have a separate bottle of plain water. The dry shots won't be for you unless you like that. If you have fun with the dry shots make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water immediately, just chug that water down and get to work! Start pumping some real iron!

Boom! That's how we do it baby! RAWWWRRRR!

But seriously the MegaWatt not only has the blend for mental focus and energy, but it has the amazing combination of amino acids creatine and beta alanine which gives you more strength and endurance during your workout. Those are also the ingredients that help your muscles recover better after the workout. See, that's why you get the results with it.

Want to know more? Ask in the comments or shoot me a message. Check the ingredients as it's not for everyone.

But you can't have the sweet #kitty He is ours!


I will have more on the Venus Summer Challenge later this week. I know you all have the info from my last post and email.

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