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Ditch the ALL or NOTHING mindset

The more I learn about nutrition in college the more I learn that it's the ALL or NOTHING mindsets that hurt us the most. It's what makes us feel like a failure. It's what sabotages our success. It is one of the key factors in people with eating disorders. It permeates everything in our life.

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Question: I prefer to follow a 16:8 fasting and eating window. For fat loss is this schedule feasible or will I need to expand my eating window? Thank you!

Answer: You can create whatever eating window you like! Most of us find we need to change things up sometimes as we can easily get stuck in a rut with all or nothing thinking, on everything, workouts, what to eat, meal timing, fasting. It really doesn't matter as long as you eat the right amount of all you need in a rolling average over time. Focus on your maintenance number and eat something under that consistently if you want to lose body fat. It's all that matters. Maintenance is what your body needs to stay the same and never lose. Anything over that is how you gain weight. So some days you might eat under, and other days over. If it's too much over that is how we gain. And even though it seems like we don't eat at or over every day, we go over some days and that is why we never lose. So the trick is to stay at maintenance, but also have most days during the week UNDER maintenance to lose fat. If done consistently this is like paying off a debt. It happens slowly over time, just like paying off a mortgage debt. It is the consistent payments that pay it off. What matters is the calories at the end of the day in the 24 hour period, extend that out 7 days, 30, 60, and 90 days for results. It's always good to eat up to maintenance at least one day a week to help keep hormones stable. Use whatever eating pattern you want. Every day does not have to be the same. If you get stuck in a rut and find it's not working, change it up. Remember to listen to your body and using the clues you get and a little common sense and don't treat your body like a machine with the all or nothing mindsets.

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