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What is a modern food fight?

As I wrote this post this morning, when I got to the end I thought "This is a modern food fight!". Anyone remember food fights from I think the 80's? I have some vague memory of people throwing food at each other in funny situations that got out of hand. And yes, things right now in society are out of hand, just look around you when you are out and about, or even at a social event. Obesity is becoming the norm and accepted, so when you decide that you do not want this to be your norm - well, you are going to have to FIGHT. And it is a food fight of a different sort.

I'm managing to keep plugging along. Last night we had Sheriff training and I showed the guys my hernia and that I wouldn't be able to work for a while. I could complete the range qualifications which I'm happy to have done before my surgery. It's not scheduled yet but I'm sure next week we'll get it on the schedule. I love being a part of this team.

They all wanted to make sure I was getting it taken care of! Yes, I am!

It was funny, I was so tired I didn’t get as amped up as I normally do for a qualification (it’s a test after all). And I we had a fun discussion that many of us get sort of anxious when we do our qual in the range, it always seems to bring back memories of the police academy which is extremely stressful, kind of like a mini boot camp! So those triggers amp us up. We all have millions of little triggers as we go through the day, every day.

I got a lot of compliments from the guys, even the range master and SET guys, they said really nice shooting. It’s on the move while walking, strong hand weak hand, and not just standing there taking your time for the perfect shot. But even though my score was as good as ever, I can tell my strength is waning, I didn’t feel it but they all said I looked like I was getting whiplash during the shotgun qualification.

So, when they took my picture I tried to look like a BadAss and then they kept taking pictures until I laughed and they caught the smile. Guess I’m not such a BadAss after all.

When I got home last night I told Randy “I need to get to bed so I don’t eat anything!” haha. Then I chuckled and said “Dang, everything in my life revolves around food!”, he chuckled and agreed “It’s all about the food food food food!” But all joking aside, it’s a battle. Some will say it’s an obsession but really that is only when it becomes an unhealthy obsession like with eating disorders. What will kill you is the all or nothing, black and white, good and bad lists, and calling yourself a failure with negative thoughts. I’ve worked hard to have discipline, yet forgiveness. When you have a cookie, or more than one cookie, you are not a failure and you do not have to stay on that path! You can save the day at any moment.

I immediately thought of Katherine and how it is for her getting home late from her barista shift (glad that is ending for you now!), that’s what it was like for me after the late winery shifts, or Sheriff shifts, or even like last night after the qualification testing.

No one ever said it would be easy to have discipline with food. It does require what will feel like an obsession at first, a fierce mindset like Stacy said, find your own kind of fierce. Or Stephanie and her oreo cravings, and Jenia with all her stress lately (they both post in the Venus group), and Carey with all her struggles, and really so many others who email me or message me behind the scenes. Trust me, they see your posts and it helps them. People don't have time to hit like or comment, but the SEE you! 💛💜💙

We swim against the tide of society. That will always be a battle you must fight for. You really don’t get cruise mode, you just learn to be a more efficient fighter. What I’m learning in nutrition class in college confirms all this.

Alright, onward. I have assignment deadlines, exams, and a final exam coming up.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight!!!!

Within minutes I got this response from Netty!

You ARE awesome Roberta!! Everyone here is so supporting! All I did yesterday was "think" about the workout....kept pushing it off and thought , I will workout with Craig when he gets home.... nope. Got a phone call, by the time I was off the phone, he was done working out, showered and changed "we're going on a date night ! IT WAS LIKE 9pm!! So I change out of workout out clothes and enjoyed the evening....only ones in the restaurant..... (did not see this coming) but it put me at 2047 cal for yesterday because I didn't plan for it😬. But in the end, I would place my workout on the back to pray with a soul in need✝️... we all make choices, I could have not answered my phone, but it would have bothered me more than missing a workout!!

One thing I is not all or nothing...pick up, keep going. I used to let this ind of stuff derail me.... then I see you all with the same struggles...keep going .... then, I want to keep going too! 💪🏻👟🔥

And I just love Netty's posts!

20 min light cardio in heat and humidity in the lovely company of my daughter and puppies.... week10day2 done...happy flex 🏋🏻‍♀️ friday

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