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The V-Taper Workout for Men (previously Adonis Golden Ratio)

This is a really good workout for men, previously called the Adonis Golden Ratio. It's now called the V-Taper. It's written by Brad Pilon.

I work with many women, specifically in my FB group The Venus Factor Workout Accountability Group. Many of them have husbands who want a program equally as good for the Men. We do the Venus Factor Workout, and you can purchase The Venus Factor Workout here.

Actually men can do the Venus Workouts, but they prefer more upper body and other gym machines, so this workout takes care of that. It's designed to help men sculpt the V-Taper shape with their physique. It's a great workout to add to your tool chest or for the ladies to get as a gift for any male in their life!

Click the image to purchase the V-Taper (Adonis) Workout for men:

Click Here to Purchase V-Taper (Adonis Workout) for Men

I am happy help men with nutrition, supplements, calories, macro's, etc. as well. Shoot me an email or sign up for coaching.


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