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How much should you lift?

How much should you lift? It's a great question that I get often. The reason weight lifting routines don't tell you how much to lift is because the right amount is different for each person. It's all sort of relative to conditioning, stress, health, and genetics.

How do you know if you are lifting enough? Well if you are doing sets of 10 reps you need to pick up enough weight so that the last few reps are really hard to push out, yet you are still able to keep good form, and you NEED to put the weights down to rest. You pumped so hard that you need the rest in between sets. You can't wait to put them down. If you can keep going and going with little weights, no it means you can lift heavier.

The rest should be approximately one minute. Sometimes it's longer for super heavy low reps. It can also change from one day to the next. When you are tired or fatigued sometimes you can't really lift as much as other days - it's okay - it's important to keep good form and just do what is correct for the day. Every day is different. We have a plan but we roll with it. Just like food, just like life.

If you have any questions feel free to reply or comment.

PS Many have been asking me about BCAA's and how they fit in?

If you want to check out the BCAA and ingredient list, it's HERE. In addition to the essential amino acids for fueling your muscles it contains an amazing electrolyte blend. If you want electrolytes without the amino acids that is HERE.

If you want to sign up for coaching, it's HERE. After you sign up email me and let's get started on YOUR SUCCESS!


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