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What happens when Women EMPOWER other WOMEN?

It is magical!

It is in all of us, regardless of the brand, regardless of the workout. It costs nothing, except for us to lift each other up and nurture each other.

For most of us, it's in our nature to nurture others.

But at the same time, we have to work to put aside Envy. That requires work on our part, constantly.

We also have to work constantly on being happy with ourselves and our own gifts. We are each unique. We MUST STOP COMPARING OURSELVES WITH OTHERS.

And this gets particularly hard when we age. But the younger women do it too.

Don't be mean to other women, we all fight a battle inside. Each and every one of us.

Don't be snarky or make sarcastic comments about other women who have achieved, or even who have not achieved yet but are working on it, or maybe they don't even know what they need to work on yet. So what? We have all been there. We have all been lost and confused about our own health and how we feel about ourselves.

It will always be a battle, but more and more we find peace.

But it takes work. Every day. With the mindset.

Don't stick a knife in other women with your words, or ignoring them, or whatever game your tendency is to play when you are envious.

We all fight the battle in our minds.

Let's lift each other up!

The world needs more women shining their own light.

Shine your light bright!

Never Settle

Never Give Up

Live Your Dream

There is no magic pill or one size fits all. That makes it hard for you to know. Join the members-only forum here or message me if you want me for a coach and let's get started!


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