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Type 1 Diabetic Finally Ditches the Excess Fat

Char Brown won the recent 1st Phorm Transformation contest. She's a type 1 diabetic who has struggled with weight for many years.

Here's what she had to say in her own words:

It’s as good as it gets. I heard it over and over. from all my doctors and specialists; that’s a big community when you’re me. I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic Female for nearly 20 years now.

What that means is that my body works against itself. Vital parts that keep me alive are attacked and destroyed, and as the years go on, more than just my pancreas has ceased to work. While there is no cure, there are measures I can take to improve my standard of living.

This is where what I’ve wanted and what my doctors say are in conflict. I’ve constantly questioned, pushed, and would not accept my results. I never wanted to be compared to other Type 1s, I wanted my results to mimic those of healthy people.

What did I have to do to make THAT happen? The problem with demanding those results and asking those questions in a community that treats sick people is that no one knows!

As I continued to fight and look for a better way, I experienced the ups and downs of being told one thing and wanting another. A better word to describe Type 1 is the moment to moment disease, as it’s a highly fluctuating, volatile condition. This moment may be great, but give us half an hour, and we could be in emergency status. Numbers. Equations. Life-altering decisions. Every. Minute. Every. Day.

The feedback we get throughout the day comes from a variety of life info devices: pumps, meters, pins, syringes, sets, monitors, and the CGM or the Constant Glucose Monitor. Constant. Sleep does not bring peace. These devices beep and whirr all night, too, giving sometimes positive sometimes negative results. It’s hard not to take it personally. It’s hard not to listen to the voices and disclaimers that all tell you, “You are the exception. This works except in the case of autoimmune. This is as good as it gets."

After a recent injury and time period where I let it all get to me, I finally got my fight back. For months I’d sought help from my Type 1 professional community, with the same sad results. It wasn’t until I forced myself back into the fitness community, and found Venus and other like-minded resources, that I overcame.

Not only did I lose my injury weight, but I discovered how I never again had to be the victim to the ups and downs of life Not even with my disease. I could determine what I wanted and have a clear path on how to achieve those results, and KEEP THEM! The knowledge that has come through Venus, has given me so much power.

The ability to know how to achieve, fix things when I go off-road, and to obtain and MAINTAIN my goals. It’s everything. And really, so simple.

The greater lesson I’ve come to in all of this, is now, how to help others. I was stuck for so many years, just dealing with my health issues, which comprise so much of my time during the day.

Isn’t it interesting how the fitness community, a community of healthy, fit people, have helped me realize things about my disease that my doctors and specialists could not? Even to the point where I am able