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Pictures from the Sac Pro Show Fitness Competition

On November 1st I competed in a Fitness Show. It was my first show ever at age 53. I am 54 now. I will probably never do one again, but I have no regrets about doing this one.

I want to go to the end of my days knowing I lived life to it's fullest, and I will.

I can't wait to write more about this experience but mainly I want to say you don't have to starve yourself to get to this level. A nice slow deficit will do the trick. It is still not easy and it still requires a lot of focus and consistency.

I get really tired of the bad rap girls get for doing this and saying that it takes starvation and drastic unhealthy measures. Just because some do that doesn't mean we all do.

I will write more later. For now here's the pictures and credits:

DavidArt.Photography IG: @realdavidart Most important. My COACH was Miles Cortez @mr.persistentlifestyle Hair @rogue_stylist Makeup @kissmakeupcourtney Suit @jagware_suits




FRAME-Roberta and Coach Miles right after Sac Pro Show.jpg
FRAME-Roberta with Trophy Sac Pro Show.jpg

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