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The Amazing Magazine PhotoShoot at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay

Last weekend I met with some amazing people for a celebration at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay.

The drive was absolutely amazing. I was scared out of my mind with fear for my new adventure as a Fitness Model, but the beauty I saw across the state of California was far to diverse and amazing to think much about the butterflies in my tummy.

Arrive at RITZ.JPG

I had just driven down from the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains, down the rolling foothills, through the Sacramento valley fog (with it's own unique beauty), came out of the fog to cross the sparkling bay and stunning city, then down the scenic coastal highway.

Once I checked in I found myself in this stunning restroomits so just had to take a selfie!

My friends are all from the bay area so I arrived a little early and sat down outside with the view before me (also taken with my Ipad).

Patio at RITZ.JPG

As I sat there waiting for my friends I pondered...

Ritz patio pondering food.jpg

That the work I do now as a Fitness Model does not involve the consumption of massive amounts of food. This is especially true before a photoshoot.

I'm enjoying it anyway. Enjoying and celebrating doesn't have to involve food. Sometimes I appreciate it all the more, both the food whenever I do have it, and just sitting here.

My Room at the RITZ afternoon.jpg

Once my room was ready and I got settled I was absolutely stunned by the view up on the top floor.

Then my friends finally arrived and the work began. We managed to stop for a few moments to enjoy the sunset. But not too much as some pictures needed to be taken while the sun was setting.

Mariya Milovidova.jpg

This is the designer Miriya Milovidova who designed the hand painted dresses used on the set. I had a chance to sit with her when we all went to dinner that night and she is an amazing artist with beautiful story about pursuing her passion.

As we worked through the evening.JPG

As we worked through the evening we stopped to admire the sunset along with all of the other guests outside at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay.

I had the honor of working with models Karina LaMar and Svetlana Lana.

The Make-up Artist and hair designer Shiree Collier worked on all of us. I don't think she ever got a break and was on her feet the whole time! She does beautiful work.

All of these women helped me out all evening long with my own pictures. It was an amazing team with a lot of energy and creativity flowing that night. I think it's a night we shall never forget.

We all had a wonderful dinner together that evening.

The view from my room the next morning.jpg

I woke up the next day to the awesome morning view of the ocean again. Simply stunning!

Before I'd finished my coffee though the Ritz-Carlton Salon called me with some bad news about my hair appointment. It was all I could do to not panic. I took a deep breath and decided I'd deal with the situation best I could. If I had to run out to the store to get a curling iron I would just do what needed to be done. I might be late for my appointment with Victoria but I knew she would work with me if I did my best to roll up my sleeves and "get it done"!

Once I told the Salon what I needed they went out of their way to help me out. They were ready to send someone up with hair tools if I needed them. In the end, they scrambled to get their massage therapist and cosmetologist who happened to have a hairstylist license to step in and do my hair for me.

His name is Jerry Lutz and let me tell you he did an amazing job on my hair. The Ritz-Carlton Salon staff went out of their way to help. The managers came in ready to help and make sure everything that could be done was being done.

They held up my big locks of hair so Jerry could work on the rest - I have a lot of hair! - as my hairstylist who colors my hair on a regular basis would say. Right, Danna from HairHouse 'N' Nail Saloon in Colfax, California?

If you ever find yourself at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay and need a Spa treatment I would highly recommend the staff there. When I go again I intend to request Jerry Lutz! What an amazing young man, along with the rest of the staff there. They all took such good care of me.

Victoria's HRMP announcement.jpg

When I got home Victoria made this announcement on Facebook.

She had no idea that Feb 3 is my birthday!

Now, how many middle-aged women get to have an article published about them in a magazine on their 54th Birthday.

I'm about the happiest woman in all the world at the moment!

Thank you for this Victoria!


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