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The Amazing Magazine PhotoShoot at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay

Last weekend I met with some amazing people for a celebration at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay.

The drive was absolutely amazing. I was scared out of my mind with fear for my new adventure as a Fitness Model, but the beauty I saw across the state of California was far to diverse and amazing to think much about the butterflies in my tummy.

Arrive at RITZ.JPG

I had just driven down from the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains, down the rolling foothills, through the Sacramento valley fog (with it's own unique beauty), came out of the fog to cross the sparkling bay and stunning city, then down the scenic coastal highway.

Once I checked in I found myself in this stunning restroomits so just had to take a selfie!

My friends are all from the bay area so I arrived a little early and sat down outside with the view before me (also taken with my Ipad).

Patio at RITZ.JPG

As I sat there waiting for my friends I pondered...

Ritz patio pondering food.jpg

That the work I do now as a Fitness Model does not involve the consumption of massive amounts of food. This is especially true before a photoshoot.

I'm enjoying it anyway. Enjoying and celebrating doesn't have to involve food. Sometimes I appreciate it all the more, both the food whenever I do have it, and just sitting here.