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The Demon Slayer

Ryan Lazalier took this photograph of me. He titled it "The Demon Slayer".

I love the analogy regarding how mid-life personally feel about fat loss and getting fit as a female in mid life. We have to fight our phobias and fears about thinking hormones will stop us from becoming fit. We must all slay those demons and not believe the lies.

There are several lies perpetuated in society:

  • You must eat breakfast

  • You must eat at certain times

  • You must eat certain foods

  • Good food and bad food myths

  • You will go into starvation mode

  • You will break your metabolism

  • You must eat every two hours

We are all different and we must experiment to find foods that work for each of us.

One of the main reason diets don't work is there is no one size fits all. Sometimes there are so many rules and restrictions that we all just go crazy eating what we have deprived ourselves of and then that's when we go back up the yo-yo.

If we don't eat as much as everyone around us we are told we are "starving" ourselves or that we eat like a bird. But the bottom line is that the smaller you are the smaller your metabolism is. I am barely over 5 feet tall. I'm practically kid size. That means I need less food. At least half as much food as my over 6-foot tall husband.

It does not matter when you eat, or when you don't eat. Fasting is okay. Humans have been fasting since the beginning of mankind for spiritual purposes and out of necessity (hunter-gatherer).

Breakfast is merely the first meal of the day, regardless of the time. The food you wish to eat at that time can be anything you want, I like soup in the winter and actually most of the year.

I have had issues with hormones for many years now; low thyroid, low adrenal function. low hormones from menopause, and other health issues. Sometimes I gain a little weight and I start down the path of "hormone paranoia".

But it always comes down to food intake. It's not fun to face that. But when we do and start addressing the actual intake it starts showing that things are working as they should.

We store fat when we eat more than we need.

We stay the same when we eat the right amount.

We lose fat when we eat a little less than we need.

Only ultra-lean people go into starvation mode if they eat too little.

It reminds me of when my precious daughter Sara was a little baby. I was nursing her and she went through some periods of time when she didn't eat as much. When I mentioned that to my doctor he'd point at her and all her beautiful rolls of baby fat and say "Does she look like she is starving?!"

It's like that with us as adults too. It's not fun to eat a little less. It is uncomfortable. But we will not starve when we have plenty of stored fat on our bodies too6-foot.

I used to say in order to lose fat just eat less and move more. But it really is a bit more complicated than that.

Sometimes we have too much stress to eat too much less. So we have to walk a fine line with food intake. For someone as small as myself it might mean one or two servings of something is the line between losing fat or staying the same. Or it might be the line between staying the same and gaining fat.

It's different every day. The body ebbs and flows. It is not a machine. We must be patient and let the body adjust, or just deal with stress before we can diet too much.

Society used to tell me this is just what happens when we get older. We gain weight. We must accept it.

I'm glad I didn't accept it.

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