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10 Scientific ways we can succeed at weight loss

Get Dressed!

That's right. The clothes you wear matter! A 2012 study found that people associate certain clothes with the activity they do. Putting them on actually changes our psychological state. You don't have to lose the weight first. You have permission to enjoy the journey. In fact, this helps you to not quit.

I took my pictures today as I did on the 1st and 7th, I plan to keep going even though I'm going through a rough time. I have the same set of clothes for this purpose, and I keep them in a special box with the white background sheets.

Take Progress Pictures

I know how that is, it's still hard for me to do now although practices has given me something to lean on. Taking pictures like I'm doing does not mean you have to be in the Sprint Challenges. I take them all year, regardless of the challenges. Also, the pictures in the App are 100% private. They help you, even if they are hard to do. It's part of keeping your promise to yourself.

A 2014 study found that participants who took photos of themselves were more likely to reach their weight loss goals; a lot of weight loss is about body image, as opposed to raw numbers.

Eat Slower

A study from 2011 found that those who eat quicker had a higher body mass index than those who eat slower.

When you eat slower, you enjoy your food more, you are more in tune with your body, and you naturally eat less!

Drink Water Before Eating

Besided the fact that staying hydrated keeps your skin smooth and helps you feel less hunger, a study from 2009 studied the effects of drinking 16 ounces of water before each meal and how the practice pertains to weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 16 ounces of water (about two glasses) can help you lose up to 44 percent more weight.

Drink up!

Weigh Yourself Daily

We used to think weighing daily was detrimental, but that's a myth.

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that those who stepped on the scale every day avoided gaining any weight and the practice ended up contributing to their weight loss.

Log the number allowing 5 pounds give or take, because your weight fluctuates naturally with water and digestive processess. Water and food weigh a lot, try weighing your glass of water on the food scale.

I used to be afraid of the scale, but since I started weighing at the end of December I've lost a little weight, an inch around my waist, and 1/2 inch around my hips.

Do not be afraid!

Eat with a Smaller Plate

I actually lost 85 over 3 years doing exactly this! I called my meals "Mini Meals" and I did little "Mini Fasts" in between meals and vowed not to snack all the time.

A study from 2013 showed that people at a buffet who were given large plates took 52 percent more food and ate 45 percent more food than those who had smaller plates.The solution? Take a smaller plate.

Get busy, you can have more next time!

Write down your goals

Write down your goals and keep them in places where you will see them often. These are a promise to yourself.

A study at the Dominican University found that those who wrote their goals down were significantly more likely to complete them than those who didn't.

Also, use a coach to help hold you accountable to those goals.

That's what I do for you in the My TransPhormation App. Do not be afraid to message me there or to setup an appointment for weekly check ins.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

You know the saying "Me Against Me", it's because too many people found they would quit the game when they compared themselves to others.

Renowned psychologist Richard Wiseman wrote in his book 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot that those who hung up a picture of either a celebrity or an athlete as weight loss motivation didn't actually end up hitting their weight loss goals.

I've even been guilty of comparing myself now to the younger me. That's not helpful either. We all grow into a new season. We can be our best, but it will be a different best.

Hangout with Positive Likeminded People

A 2016 study found that overweight or obese people tend to hangout with other people who have similar lifestyles as them.

But on the contrary, who hung out with others trying to lose weight, or already fit and living a healthy lifestyle, are those who got the results they wanted.

That's why I have the free forum on this site. To become a member, find "member" up at the top menu bar and you can request a membership. If your email and name aren't familiar I'll send you a note, respond back if you really want a membership.

Give Yourself Rewards

Do you give yourself rewards for staying on track?

A 2016 study found that the thought of losing a reward motivated the study subjects to complete their exercise goals more than a control group that did not have a reward.

Don't forget, a pound is a lot of weight to lose!

Nothing gets me more riled up than someone who says "I only lost one pound!" Really? Only?

And for the smaller females who lose .4 or so pounds in one week? Yes, that's a lot too. The smaller you are, the bigger percentage that one pound is on you.

Give yourself fun rewards. Maybe a pair of leggings or a cute tank top. Remember what was on the top of this long list? Get dressed!

It could be a spa visit, or something for the kitchen, or something for your hair and skin, but whatever it is, not food! You are not a dog or horse.

I know there are many more things to list, but this might get you started.

If you are in the My TransPhormation App with me, tell me your goals!

If you are not in the App with me and want to join, send me a message and let's get started!

If you are in the private forum, let's hear your goals and maybe a Flex Friday picture if you did a workout!

And to those in the Sprint Challenge I'll be checking in with you before Monday!

Have a great Friday!


Nibbles Fitness

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