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10 Scientific ways we can succeed at weight loss

Get Dressed!

That's right. The clothes you wear matter! A 2012 study found that people associate certain clothes with the activity they do. Putting them on actually changes our psychological state. You don't have to lose the weight first. You have permission to enjoy the journey. In fact, this helps you to not quit.

I took my pictures today as I did on the 1st and 7th, I plan to keep going even though I'm going through a rough time. I have the same set of clothes for this purpose, and I keep them in a special box with the white background sheets.

Take Progress Pictures

I know how that is, it's still hard for me to do now although practices has given me something to lean on. Taking pictures like I'm doing does not mean you have to be in the Sprint Challenges. I take them all year, regardless of the challenges. Also, the pictures in the App are 100% private. They help you, even if they are hard to do. It's part of keeping your promise to yourself.

A 2014 study found that participants who took photos of themselves were more likely to reach their weight loss goals; a lot of weight loss is about body image, as opposed to raw numbers.

Eat Slower

A study from 2011 found that those who eat quicker had a higher body mass index than those who eat slower.

When you eat slower, you enjoy your food more, you are more in tune with your body, and you naturally eat less!

Drink Water Before Eating

Besided the fact that staying hydrated keeps your skin smooth