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10,000 ways that didn't work and a new challenge

historic gold run california

Last night on our way home there was a fugative on the loose with a gun in our little neighborhood. The freeway I80 is near us, so every once in a while our quiet little community can get disturbed like this.

It wasn't in the news for some reason, but our community was surrounded by government vehicles, law enforcement, swat teams, and helicoptors.

By the time we finally got through all that and got home, we carefully and tactically approached our property and cleared all buildings, watching the behavior of all of our kitties. They were actually calm, so we knew no one was around. In fact, the two in one of the garages wouldn't come out when we called because they thought it was strange that we didn't drive down like we normally do. We were sneaking up on our house instead so they knew something was up.

We were exhausted from the long hot day at work and the long commute, and the little danger adrenaline rush let down. I made some potato air fries which I'm absolutely in love with! Randy wanted some too. While they were cooking in the air fryer I ate a little salad with chicken to get some protein in first.

golden french fries

Then, it was like our batteries died. Randy and I were both exhausted. I told Randy it's because he had so many carbs and no protein!

But I was actually really tired too, and I took a look at my exam objectives for the next test I need to take and felt overwhelmed. I read a little material and was in a really weird mood, so I forced myself to go out to my spin bike and get a session it.

spin bike cardio with a view

I don't always wear my heart rate monitor, but sometimes it helps me put things in perspective. I did burn some calories, probably not 550, but maybe enough to offset the air fries, which could keep me from gaining weight.

10,000 ways that did not work

If you are fairly new at this journey, of finding the right amount of food to live a healthy lifestyle you might feel frustrated. It's hard to get it right. It feels impossible. I've been at this game fairly successfully for 13 years, and floundered during that time. I also floundered for the 15-20 years prior with fitness and my weight fluctuating.

I've always been very physically active with running, weight lifting, hiking, back packing, and martial arts. With my aging issues I've given up some higher impact activities and added biking and swimming.

The weight gain and fluctuations always seemed so mysterious to me, but I realize now that it's because people don't like to look at calories and macros, it's no fun.

Like it or not, it's the key, and it's not the big mean monster some people make it out to be. It's not any different than looking at your financial budget, that's no fun either.

If you stick your head in the sand with either, your budget goes out of control. It's that way with both finances and calories.

Like I wrote in a recent blog post, we make poor decisions when we are fatigued. The only thing that will help us in those situations is falling back on training.

That means you can't give up! Eventually you build up the training like I did. Trust me, I am nothing special and I don't have extra will power. It's just training over years, in little tiny steps every day with at least 10,000 failures or more.

So all those years of training, that's what saved me last night. You eventually just sort of just do things and make decisions instinctively and it all flows. The flow is even still a little rough for me, but I woke up feeling pretty good instead of having regrets about yet another failure (of which I've had many!)

So let's keep fighting the good fight. Don't worry so much about the failures, they are just one of the 10,000 ways that didn't work. We all have that.


Who's ready for a challenge?

fitness challenge accepted

I think 1st Phorm is about to launch a new summer challenge. Maybe next week, but you can start it right now. Everything you do in the app counts right now as long as you take your pictures. It's an eight week challenge. You can do it with me privately. The company never surprises winners by splashing their pictures over the internet without your permission, so it really is private and secure. It's just you and me and we can always keep it that way.

START the challenge NOW.

Taking your pictures and at least the starting and ending weight is very important. Assessments every week is important. Anyone who joins and subscribes to the 1st Phorm app using my link automatically gets free coaching from me. No purchase is necessary, just the subscription to the App which goes to the development of the App and does not benefit me in any way.

If you get a friend to join with your referral link in the app, you'll get something special from me along the journey. I don't give out pre determined one-size-fit's all anything, not even prizes anymore. It will be something custom and especially for you, based on how I get to know you throughout the challenge. Those who help a friend by using the referral link will get a personal prize from me. If you have any questions about where your referral link is in your dashboard just let me know. Let's chat!

For those not yet in the App, my coaching link is Install the App, send me a message, and let's do this!

Let's keep fighting the good fight together! It's a crazy world right now, we need to stick together!


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