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Sep 25, 2017
In Anything else that's FUN
Been battling with severe dry cough this past week. Woke up this morning with no voice. Left work early to go to clinic (signs mostly in Arabic). Dr prescribed the things I have at home already. Got the medicine and got my taxi back home. After eating early lunch I realized that I left the medicine on the chair at the clinic. Clearly I wasnt thinking. Would it still be on the chair, probably not, they keep it clean and neat. Dr and meds = KD1, Taxi = KD3, Similar meds at home. What to do? Rest and smile, yes I am still alive and grateful!!
Roll with the punches even if you can't read Arabic content media
Sep 13, 2017
In Workouts
I enjoy walking. I either walk to the nearest walking track and walk a few rounds or just around the blocks in my neighborhood. Its cooling down a little at night so I decided to go for a walk. Got reminded that it's still summer. Only did 1.9 miles in 33min in 40 Celsius degrees at 8pm. 👣
Walking -  content media
Sep 05, 2017
In Introduce Yourself
Sanette, a teacher in the Middle East. I signed up for this challenge after a two month summer holiday because I need help!! I'm a follower on the FB group but never really post. I am a little intimidated after seeing all the BIG names in this group. But hopefully this will encourage me even more to complete the challenges until the end. I am ready to learn, experience and change with the guidance and knowledge shared in the group. Ps. Lebanese and Kuwaiti food makes it difficult to stay within any calorie range 😀


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